Sunday, January 27, 2008


Well then, I now have a new foster. An adult male who lost lots of weight while at the shelter. They put him in Felidae, and he had started to gain, but they wanted to get him out of the shelter environment to see if that helped. Since my foster room is pretty cold in the winter, I didn't want to take kits (although they had a couple of REALLY cute ones which I very much wanted to take.

He's sweet, and wants attention, but he's so matted that I can't help myself when I pat him, I want to take them out. I got a number of good ones out, and he was getting more and more frustrated with me. He's got a couple of huge, meaning basically encompassing the whole area, ones on his back legs/butt. I actually cut them trying to make them easier to break up (and I know better than to cut mats.. but I wasn't cutting them out, just in half to try to help them break up easier)

I pulled almost a loaf of bread sized amount of fur before he got so frustrated with me that he bolted - and scratched my pinky pretty badly in the process. I'm kinda glad I trimmed his nails before I started, because he pretty much had daggers, and I'd probably be needing a trip to the hospital for stitches if I hadn't.

The shelter was feeding him just felidae dry. It is the food my own cats were on before I learned of the benifits of raw. I'm going to leave the felidae down, supplment with good quality canned food and some raw. I even have some vitamins and mineral supplement that I think I'm going to get into his diet in a couple of days.

8lbs 4 oz on my scale upon coming home. I'll have to weigh the fur I took off him..

Kit is still looking all over for Spud. I went to clean out the foster room for Licorice and when I came out Kit looked everywhere for him. Followed me upstairs, didn't see him, went back down stairs. I feel bad. I wish I could have kept him.. but how silly is it to get your pet a pet? a petpet? lol

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