Monday, January 21, 2008

Goodbye Patience and Spud - you are missed!

The only way I could keep Spud still to take his pict.

Patience had no problem getting her photo taken. She was just glad to be out and about

Spud just wanted to play

So did Patience

As did Kit!

Wednesday morning they left to go to the vet (they did fine) and Kit was very sad.

They are both VERY well behaved kitties. They didn't much like staying in one room when they knew there was a whole house to play in, but when you tell them it is time to go back, they either come to you, or just hunker down.. unlike most fosters who escape the foster room, who will run and make me catch them. Spud had "only kitten syndrom" but a few trips to work, and some good play time with Kit and Ollie (Ollie don't play that! put Spud right in his place) and he's settled down in to such a good little boy.

I'm a little unhappy with the shelter - but guess I'm going to have to let it go. Patience has a suspected food allergy. Everyone I talked to about it agreed. She had scabs on her that would show up and then disappear with in a day. Went to vet, was tested and negative for ringworm. Was put on an all poultry diet (she didn't eat the beef) and the scabs stopped appearing. She got some food with beef in it, and she broke out again. When I returned her to the shelter, I told the manager, and even wrote it on her cage card. The person doing the cleaning and feeding threw away my note, and gave her dry food and I'm sure some mixed canned food (they open up 100 cans into a bucket and feed from the bucket each day) that contained beef. So that the morning of their adoption, she was feeling pretty lousy and had vomited all over her cage. The info about her having allergies didn't make it to her cage card, but it did make it into the computer. I was there for the adoptions, so I had them make out a card, and I told potential adopters to feed canned poultry only. The woman who adopted them - and yes, they went home together - seemed to understand. She wanted to feed some sort of dry, and I said if you can find one that specifically says no beef, it shouldn't be a problem.. but that is hard. Often they are just random "meat" products.

Kit and Twee really miss Spud. They would run down in front of me, and sit by the foster room door, just waiting for him to escape. I really miss him too. He's got such great spirit! He wasn't a cuddler, but he came such a long way from the little boy who bit and attacked everything. He would start to lick instead of bite.. which was cute. not much cuter than kitten tongue :)


There was another pregnant cat I probably could have put my name on, but my foster room gets so cold in the dead of winter - and the electric bills for running the heater are not something I want right now. When the kits are older, I can keep it at a reasonable temp, but newborns shouldn't be subjected to cooler temps. That and I have a healthy fear of pregnant cats - cause I've seen too many pregnancies go bad.. and I don't need that right now.

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