Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weslee & Buttercup

is a spoiled brat. and she does not like anything new. I was making goo-goo noises at her the other day and it freaked her right out. She hissed, spit and swat at me. she's just too darn cute to do this! *sigh* I need more time in my life to get this out of her..

Her mom is a laugh riot. Such a kitten. She doesn't realize she's so big either. She knows enough to be gentle when she's rough housing with the kittens, but she runs around the room and wrestles with the kittens. She is also so very much into getting attention. Unfortunately she can not be held. She'll sit in your lap, and rub all over you, and you can pat her till your arms fall off, but the second you try to give her a hug she balks and fights to get out of it.

She also got quite a case of mastitis over the weekend. Fortunately I had a bottle of clavamox. She was so impacted that she was leaking. I'm sure she was so uncomfortable she didn't want the kits to nurse, which was making the situation worse. after a day of ABs she was much better off and kits were nursing. two days and she was pretty much back to normal.

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