Saturday, April 18, 2009

and this carrier means 18

So, I think I need to go into kitty counseling.. or maybe Kitty Anonymous, because I just can't turn my back on a kitty in need.

The shelter took in this feral mom and her five kittens. They are very reluctant to put feral cats in foster, well because they are feral, and the risks that means to the foster parents, then the inability to place these cats in a home is the other downside. It sucks that we are basically using her to nurse the kittens and then will most likely put her down. But better to save them, then to lose them all. Isn't it?

and you never know what kind of progress I might be able to make with her.

I took in a feral cat several years ago. I was given warnings about this overly protective mother, but someone really wasn't paying attention because she was feral. I could only touch her if she wasn't looking and I snuck up on her. I tried. I went very slowly, I offered her yummy tidbits to distract her, but she was just not interested in working with me. The day I went to pack her up for a trip to the vet and she ended up biting a stuffed animal that was near her (thankfully she was unable to get her teeth into me) and sunk her entire fang into it I knew there was no chance for her. It was very sad, but I think she was the one that taught my soul the reality that you can't save them all. It is something we all know, but yet we still try. I still try. I tried with little Cupcake, but when I lose them, I some how am able to make some sort of peace with it. (although it did take a little longer with Cupcake)

Maybe this mom is just REALLY freaked out of her gourd, and after spending some time watching me feed her and listening to her needs, maybe she'll realize humans are ok.

or maybe not, but maybe the shelter manager will find a barn for her to go to..

But.. we will end up with five happy content babies out of this, that I vow to make happen.

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