Thursday, April 16, 2009

Foster Sitting

Not quite sure how to label this post, since I'm just baby sitting some foster kitties while their foster mom is out of town. I have them till next Friday or Saturday.

Mom Sasha is a just under 6lb tortie. she's got four little four to five week old babies. Two orange kits named Garfield and Hunter. A tiger named Sassy (and it so fits her) and a little black one named Sierra (it is crossed out in the paper so I can only assume that is her name)

Muffin is here and has decided it is time for my Purr Therapy and is not happy I'm typing and not enjoying her work.

Anyway. mom is very thin and petite. She hissed at me quite a bit, but more as a "I have babies you better not mean them harm" than a true "I'm more than willing to hurt you" They are trying to get weight on her (she's 5lbs 12 oz) so I gave her a little raw food. She hissed at me when I walked in the room. Took me a few minutes to find her. I offered her the raw and she seemed interested.

There is a possible foster for me at the shelter. They haven't tested the mom, so they don't know what her health status is. She's feral. apparently badly so. But she's a good mom and taking great care of her babies. The shelter was reluctant to put her in foster care because there is probably no chance of placing her anywhere. Didn't want to lay that on a foster home. Seems horrible to "use" her as a nurse (to her own kittens btw) only to put her down once her kits are of size. The foster coordinator thought maybe she could find her a home in a barn, so it isn't 100% that she'll be put down (that is if she is felv/fiv negative)

I understand. I had a foster once that was truly feral. She would have preferred to take my face off. One of the few cats out there that actually scared me, but it was a healthy fear. She had some good kittens. A friend of mine ended up adopting one of them (unfortunately that kitten ended up getting outside when she was a few years old and never came back) She ended up biting pretty strongly when I tried to cage her up to get her back to the shelter. Fortunately it wasn't me(it was a stuffed animal near her), but it was very impressive, and I knew that she would never accept human interaction in her life.

well anyway.. I will probably get some photos of Sasha and her kittens this weekend. Little orange kittens are always very cute.

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