Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Apparently Jack is not a bed kitty.

the life of Jack includes problems with urinary issues. He has been producing alkaline urine while eating a higher carb raw food. So I have started supplementing him with a product to help acidify his urine. Every once in a while I need to lock him up with a litter pan that has special litter in it that tells me if the urine is too alkaline. I give him a meal of canned food watered down to soup consistancy (to ensure at some point in the day he has to go)

Well today was one of those days I locked him up.

I thought for fun I'd train the webcam on the bed so I could peek in on him.

Well.. he apparently doesn't sleep on the bed (unless I'm in it) cause not only has he not been on the bed the three times I've checked in on him, the folds in the comforter have not moved one iota.

so sad. No cute picts of Jack sleeping on the bed.

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