Friday, April 17, 2009

*slap my wrist*

I am a bad foster mommy..

three times I said to myself "Don't forget to FILL the litter box!* as I was setting up the mom and kits in the room. But did I? NOOOO..

*slaps self*

I can't believe I forgot to do that. At least she had a box down to use - which thankfully she did. but because the urine was contained in a box, and kittens LOVE boxes, I ended up with urine kitten prints all over the room, and kittens that smelled a little urine-y.

She's still hissing at me, despite the fact that every time she sees me she gets more yummy food. I think I've convinced Sassy that I'm ok since I got to rub her belly and got a few licks. Sierra isn't quite so sure yet. The boys are little orange boys, so they are laid back and accepting of almost everything.

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