Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I got slashed

Ok, slashed is a little dramatic. I lost a drop of blood from where FM's claw hit me. At this point I am reluctant to give her a real name. Probably shouldn't, as every cat deserves a name. Maybe she might be more receptive to me if I had a name for her, but I fear if I name her, I'll attach to her. We'll see.

I like to offer feral kittens food, so they know food comes from the human, and thus the human is not all bad. It works with the kittens.

With FM, I watch her as I offer the food. She is cowering in the back as she always does when I enter the room and remove the covering from the cage. I slowly bring the food (or the bowl as in the other day) and very slowly (very slowly) inch it towards her. Letting her sniff at it. I watch her nose start twitching, so I move a millimeter more forward, and wait. often it is a few seconds after the last move, sometimes it is during the move, but she lashes out. No growl, no tensing up (well maybe she is just too tensed up to get any more tensed) no warning what so ever, just a fierce lashing. This time I was stupid to do it with out gloves or a towel and she got her claw into my index finger.

Don't really know how to handle this, because the bedding is getting to the point where it really needs to be changed out. I hate to say this, but I think I'll wait the few more days until the other crew goes back to their original foster home. Because Hunter and Garfield REALLY want to get into the cage to play with those babies..

I pulled the runt of the litter out last night to look at it. He had a little scab under his chin. He is small, and his eyes seem watery and he might have been a little dehydrated. I'm worried. But then again when am I not worried about kitties?

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