Wednesday, June 3, 2009

and the biting begins

all kittens bite. all of them. As my DH says, Just like human babies who stick everything in their mouths, it is how they explore their world!

Well over the past day or so the nuts have become EXTREMELY mouthy. Biting everything they could get their mouths on. My toes, my pants, my seams, my fingers, my hands, my elbows.. Hazel even had a go at my hair.. I don't think I've ever had a set of kittens go from non mouthy to mouthy so abruptly before. it seems almost overnight they began walking around with their mouths open in case something interesting got near it for them to nibble on.

Cash is also making some progress. This morning he didn't come to me, but he did roll over and show me his belly! :) Almond is almost completely willing to interact with me. He still has his moments..

Sun hasn't returned to her cage. I walked in on her the other day when she was out and exploring, and the door was closed enough that in her panic she couldn't get back in. I backed out for a few minutes to let her hide herself. I opened up the door, but she seems content being out. That isn't going to work for much longer. She is going to have to get back in the cage soon. I worked out a way to get her in to the carrier from the cage, but it is not going to work if she isn't in the cage.

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