Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I have yet to introduce you to my newest foster..

yes. Go ahead and say it. I'm a sucker.

So I stopped by the shelter earlier in the week to get supplies (because OMG the nuts eat a lot of food) and the foster coordinator asked me if I wanted to take a hard luck case they had. He was found in an abusive situation, half to 3/4 dead, and then ended up with a raging urinary infection. They wanted to watch him for a couple of days to see how he was doing, but could I take him home on Sunday??

yes, I'm a sucker. I said sure. I asked if they could come up with a friend for him, since only kittens tend to not learn the manners they need.

Well on Saturday night two long haired kittens came in. So they offered those to me as well. They had just come in and hadn't been tested, so I waited while they went to test them, but when the tech went to get them, they found they had a raging case of ringworm. Since ringworm is fungal and airbone, Skippy was exposed. He was on the other side of the room, and the kittens were only in there for a short time, etc, but still.

Well after having heard Skippy's story, I could not risk him not being put in foster care (not many foster homes want to risk ringworm) so I brought him home and set him up in my bath tub:

click to enlarge

Because of his urinary infection he was previously sent to the vet and sedated for a catheter, so they neutered him already. Just need to get him healthy and up he'll go for adoption. Also because of the UI he's on antibiotics and Albon for intestinal issues he's had. so he gets ABs twice a day and Albon once.

So this poor little boy, who's probably 10 weeks old and should be causing major havoc, is just as good as can possibly be. I would be a lot more concerned about how easy going he is if A) he hadn't shoved his toy mouse in his water bowl and B) he wasn't as good as he is on laying on a HUGE guilt trip. He lays it on so thick that he must have been an actor in a previous life.

right now all he wants is to be held. If I'm not holding him, he'll make attempts to get out of the tub, but once I have picked him up he starts purring like a motor boat and just revels in being held.

His fur is quite soft, like a bunny. His markings on his chin, chest and legs are in cream not white. He's got a short little nose, and almost has a tough boy kind of look, but he is a completely push over. He is very very special. I won't be able to get better pictures for about a week as I don't want him running around the bathroom while he's possibly brewing an infection, and if the door to the tub is open he's right there wanting attention.

and I don't regret taking him for one second, but talk to me again if I or any of my cats get ringworm..

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