Monday, June 15, 2009

the nuts trip to the shelter

I brought the kittens to the shelter to have another trip outside the house. I figured they could get dewormed again, and handled by someone other than me for a few minutes. Ended up getting dewormed, vaccinated and given marquis paste since two of them now have showed blood on their stool.

Both were bright red droplets on the end of the stool indicating an irritation or a tear in the end of the colon / on the rectum. generally no something to worry about if it happens once or twice. Blood on the outside of the body is never a good thing, so I did let the shelter know, and they thought it wouldn't hurt to give some MP since that takes care of a lot of different internal parasite issues.

They were very good on the trip, and were very glad to get home. When I went to feed them last night and again this morning, I can see a distinct change in their interaction with me. Taking foster kittens out for field trips... it's a good thing.

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