Thursday, January 21, 2010


I was in the bathroom last night brushing my teeth - along with several cats - and Jack came in.  He walked up to the side of the bath tub, and after a few moments of staking out his territory, proceeded to do what I refer to as the "pee pee dance"  He siddles up to the tub, butt facing the tub (or wall if it is somewhere else) and starts prancing with his back feet and quivers his tail. 

I have always known that this is the prelim to spraying.. but I figured in Jack it was his sign that he was uncomfortable with his history of urinary crystals.  When I see him start to do that I usually shoo him away and then in the next day or two do a urinary test on him to make sure his PH is in the normal range.

Well last night it was not the prelim... he actually sprayed!!

What the heck!!  My sweet sweet Jack is spraying. 

I feel like I have failed him some how.  Brought too many cats into the house and disturbed him.  Although I'm sure it is his need to dominate Ollie (which Ollie will have NONE of and Ollie often puts him in his place) which would be occurring even if I hadn't adopted a slew of other cats.

I can't say if this is his first actual spray either.  There was a spray mark in the office on the mirror, which made no sense at all, since that is a place not frequented by anyone but my DH when he visits his computer.  There are no comfortable spots to sit or sleep, no reason to be in that corner for a cat at all. I thought it might have been a foster in that room previously, which made a lot more sense.

Then DH comes to me this morning and says the solarium smells like urine too.  *head desk* 

Guess I am going to have to start being more careful with Jack and his emotions and spend some time giving him one on one attention more directly, instead of allowing him to get attention when he feels like it - because maybe he feels he is unable to do that for what ever reason.

Generally I wake up with him curled up on one side of me and Muffin on the other.  He watches over me until I get out of bed, then he's gone to do his daily things and doesn't seem to want to directly interact with me (except to beg for treats) again for the rest of the day.

Since I was able to test the PH of his urine last night, I know that it is not the issue, and he is no longer licking his belly bald, so I doubt this has anything to do with medical issues.  I will watch him carefully though and at the least sign that something is off with him he'll be going in..

There has always been a sense of wonder almost bordering on pride that my crew of eight cats got along so well and there really hasn't be the sort of issues with conflict that can occur in multi cat households.

Guess it is time to dig out my cat behavior books again and read up on spraying..

and what really gets me, is that I am supposed to start pet sitting for a family member on Tuesday for a month or so.  Like we need another cat in the house.  Guess Boots will just have to stay in the cat room..

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