Thursday, January 14, 2010

My darling Em is famous...

Ok, so famous might be pushing it, but I got an email this afternoon regarding "senior" cats and there was a photo of a kitty sleeping on a furry blanket.  I said to myself "self, that looks an awful lot like Em".. I clicked on the photo and was brought to a page at that contained a photo of my Em I submitted several years ago.

Kinda sad they didn't print the date of the submission.  And a little sad that they gave her credit for being 14 in the newsletter when I submitted she was 16.. but that is so minimal it almost doesn't matter.  (only matters to the fact that I'm mentioning the errors.. )

I'm just giddy.  I've been thinking a lot about Em lately.  So nice to have her pop up in such an odd little way.

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