Friday, January 8, 2010

Two down, one to go

Pudding and Pip (shelter didn't like Pudding Pop) were neutered on Wednesday and came through it like troopers.  Mom showed some signs of discomfort, but only if you handled her.  The went in Thursday night to get ready to be adopted for Friday.  They needed some vaccines and deworming, but they selttled in ok and were fine when I left.

I feel a little bad that I wasn't more attached to them, but on the other hand it was a good thing.  They didn't need "ME", just someone to pat them, and feed them.  They will adjust nicely into new homes, and that is a good thing.  I don't think for a second they are going to miss me.

I came home and did a quick clean up of the kitten room.  swept up the debris, and picked up all the dry food (hid it so Doug couldn't break into it) and made it ready for his majesty's arrival.  I put his dinner down there, and tested him before bringing him down.  He was quite excited to be brought out of the office, and was perky and alert and happy to be carried until I hit the stairs.  Since he's never been allowed downstairs I'm sure it was a new experience for him.  He got quite concerned and tried to jump down.  I made it into the kitten room with him, and then let him down to explore.

He didn't care one iota for the food, but spent the next 20 minutes exploring the room.  Looking in the litter boxes, jumping up on the window boxes, sniffing EVERYTHING..   He wasn't upset just really curious.  I tried to pat him about 10 minutes in and I got a nice growl in return for my kindness.  I sat there for another 10 minutes and watched him.  He was fine.  Did not appear stressed at all.  He finally hunkered down and took a few bites of the food.

Then something caught his attention.  Apparently when I was cleaning, I missed a few rouge pieces of dry food that were shoved under the ottoman.  Now Doug had an activity to keep him busy.  He kept shoving his paw further and further under the ottoman, flipping himself almost upside down to try to reach even further.  He pulled out two pieces but that didn't stop him from trying to get more.  I doubt there was more under there but he was happy to have a goal to work towards. So I left him playing at that.

This morning he was happily sitting on the couch.  Testing was a lot easier then I expected it to be, and he pulled a 232 - pretty impressive.

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