Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the irresistible cuddling Skippy

I was thinking yesterday that I hadn't seen Skippy for a good cuddle for a while, and I might just have to seek him out.  But I was tired and cold, and my bed was warm and toasty, so I figured it could wait.

Well last night in the middle of the night, in some hour that should not be seen by mankind, I got up to go to the bathroom.  Getting up is a four step process (longer if you include the waking up and then thinking about getting up, which are pretty vital steps)  There is the taking off of the covers, getting the feet out from under the covers you can't get off your feet, swinging said feet off the side of the bed, then the actual standing up.  This is not a fast process in the middle of the night.  In fact it is agonizingly slow - especially in the dead of winter because we have adjustable thermostats so the house is cold at night.  I was in step three (feet over the side of the bed) when Skippy comes out of no where and jumped up on my lap.

"Cuddle time Mom!"

But Skip... it is the middle of the night.  I'm still sound asleep.  I have to go pee!!  IT'S COLD!!



I give up and roll back into bed so my feet don't get frost bite and we spend the next little while cuddling.

Until Tweedle thought she could join in.  Because Muffin decided Skippy had had enough "Mommy Time" and walked in between him and my face (not nearly enough room there for your 15lb fluffiness, but she some how found a way)  So poor Skippy felt a little claustrophobic (ok so I'm projecting, he probably just didn't want to keep smelling Muffin's butt) and left.

and fortunately for my bladder I have no problem telling Muffin to get off.  Mostly because she is relentless and is on top of me most of the time I'm in bed.

My bladder didn't have a good night, and a little while later I was up again.  Did I mention the house is cold?  well you do know that means the toilet seat is cold too right?  (a little TMI?  sorry, it is going to get a little worse before you start laughing at me)

So I was trying to hurry things along to avoid frost bite on delicate bits, and all of a sudden out of no where Skippy shows up and jumps up on my lap.

"Hi Mom!"

Um.. Skipster, I'm using the "litter box"! 

"Purrrrrr" *cuddle*

I'm always a gonner when he leans into me.  I'd give that boy the moon if he could find a way to ask for it while cuddling.

And yes, I'm still on the freezing cold toilet, in the freezing cold bathroom, which has freezing cold tiles.. so yes, my pants are down around my ankles.  There is just no dignified way to get up and go back to bed and keep Skip happy.

So I did it the un-dignified way.  I was certain he was going to get annoyed with me and leave, but I made it back to bed with him, and we spent a few more minutes cuddling before Skippy went to a sleeping DH and decided it was his turn.

Which is good, because my fingertips were starting to turn blue  (which frankly doesn't take much.  Don't think my house was actually icy.. the thermostat only goes down to 62 at night, but for me I'm cold at 72)

So I finally get back to sleep.  To be awoken several hours (I'm hoping anyway) by a Jack to the bladder.  How they know where that thing is, and are able to step square in the middle of it always amazes me.  I think Jack and Muffin have a running contest to see who can get to mine first in the AM.  When Jack fails, he tends to hang out by my head and stick his ice cold nose on warm bits that are exposed when he steps on the covers.

Why they want me to wake up in the morning I have no clue.  I do not feed them in the AM.  Guess they just miss me.

and I'm totally ok with that.

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