Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hey Elvin, whatcha got there?

It looks like someone couldn't wait to be given treats.. 
While I feed raw, I find it easier and economical to buy the best dry food I can as treats.  I do get freeze dried chicken and other meat products when I find them, but those are harder.  With seven cats - some so food motivated that I have a hard time hand feeding treats and not bringing back a bloody stump, and others reluctant to reach out for treats for fear of the bloody stump - I find it easier to toss a small handful of food on the floor for them to clean up.

I know full well if I bring the bag in the house and don't immediately put it in the container I house for treats, that this happens.
We aren't bad kitties..
Really Elvin.. it just smelled so good, and momma left it out for us..
well OK it was in a bag, and under a bunch of mail,
but she knew we'd find it.. we have super sniffers.. 
Sorry if you were worried about a bloody stump.. 

I was reading on Facebook the other day that some people find the whole "Elf on the Shelf" concept creepy.. the idea of someone "spying on their kids" and "reporting" on them.. Which when you put it that way I can totally see.  Especially considering some of the "ideas" that are showing up on the internet.. the NC-17 options are just a little too much.   I never saw the Elf as a spy, but a visual reminder of what Santa stands for.. the whole you better not shout, you better not cry.  (If you sit and think about Santa a little too long and hard it too gets a little creepy because he knows if you have been bad or good.. )

Elvin is just here to help out.  To remind the kitties to be good, and to point out areas of improvement..

actually, he's here cause I like him and he makes good blog fodder..


  1. I grew up in a house where Pee-ka-boo (an invisible elf) spied in the windows and reported your behaviour to Santa. The Elf on the shelf seems less creepy to me!

    Have a treat filled day!

  2. As you well know, we can't leave any food out or it becomes a snack.

    While I'm not crazy about elves, it never has creeped me out. I think your photo series has been clever and fun.

  3. Last night, Binga tried to get into a metal container of Pitr-Pat cat treats! She is insane.

  4. There's an elf here in my townhouse. He's small, orange, and a MANIAC!
    ; ) Katie

  5. Elf makes me smile!
    We couldn't leave anything around either. marc once made a turkey sandwich, turned is back to answer the phone and the turkey was gone!

  6. I only did Elf-on-a-Shelf for one year. My kids were older so the whole "spy for Santa" thing wasn't necessary. Rather, the excitement came from wondering what wacky thing that crazy elf would do next. It was more about making each other laugh.

    I could see where the Santa spy thing would make smaller kids nervous, though. Good thing that cats don't care. They'll do what they're going to do in front of you, Santa, God, and the universe (and sneer at you all while doing it!)


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