Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fancy Feast 2012 ornament

A while back (November 9th) I entered to win a Fancy Feast ornament from I didn't originally win, but one of the original winners didn't claim so I won it by default (I feel bad and am happy at the same time).  I did want one of these, and had been entering every giveaway I saw for it.  I just thought it was really elegant.

I have a few of the series of Fancy Feast ornaments.  I'm far from a collector, but I do think they put out a quality promotional product.  All too often things like this are meant to be thrown away.  These are meant to be collected and I know a lot of people do.
Pretty packaging
the inside, including the velvet pouch.
I gave my details to Jenny on Monday, it showed up Thursday via FedEx.  It gave me pause for a moment wondering what on earth could be sent to me in a FedEx document envelope.. (kinda like when you see police lights - your first thought is 'what the??') but it made my night :)

Thank you Jenny, and thank you Fancy Feast for doing the promotion.

While I was asked to give a review, I was not asked to say anything in particular and all opinions are mine.  Generally when I give a review I give the good and the bad -  no matter how small.  In this instance there isn't a bad thing to say about it. :)


  1. Very smart and the cat looks a bit like me!!
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  2. They are elegant - we agree! so glad you got it!!

  3. I saw that ornament and felt the same way - how cute.....

  4. How pretty - congratulatuons on your win!
    xo Catherine

  5. Nice! I have heard about the giveaways, but I wasn't familiar with these ornaments. Seeing the pictures, I can see why someone would want one!

  6. Way cool. That looks cool!


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