Monday, December 31, 2012

Paw Prints in the Moonlight

As I mentioned, back in August I was asked to review two books.  I said yes, and they arrived, the first being A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen.

The copy I got.
The second was called "Paw Tracks in the Moonlight by Denis O'Connor".  I wanted to read it, and I kept trying and trying to read it, but I had the worst time getting into it.  The best reason I can describe it might be when you are introduced to someone you are told you will really like but you find you come from two entirely different worlds and you just can't find that common ground to get started on.

The book starts with the death of a mother cat and one of her kittens.  That was so hard for me to get past.  I just knew the story would get better, but with hard luck foster kittens in my basement, I just couldn't keep reading to get to that point.

I can't tell you how many times I picked it up only to put it down.  I felt bad about it and kept trying.  Finally earlier this month I told myself to just keep reading.. and I'm so glad I did.

While I do not agree with Denis on many aspects of raising Toby Jug, I can not fault him as he raised a wonderful kitty who had a long happy life.  It was an excellent reminder to me that while I feel I am caring for my cats in the best possible way I can, it does not mean that people who choose differently are wrong.  It is something I need to be reminded of from time to time in my quest to remain nonjudgmental of and open to others.

Toby Jug was a very remarkable cat, and I really did enjoy getting to know him.  I am so glad Denis decided to write his story to share him with the world.  The story is the first year of Toby Jug's life and it was so much fun to "watch" him grow up.  The final chapter is the end of Toby Jug's life.  I knew it was coming, and I prepared for it by making sure I had tissues and I didn't need to be in public for the next hour or so.. and yes, I cried and cried.. It didn't help that Toby Jug had a similar physical description to my Ollie nor passed rather similarly to my Em.  My heart just ached for Denis... and for myself.

This book is once again from "across the pond" so the English references are peppered through out.  Being so, they retooled it for the US market including a new title and new book cover.

Paw Prints in the Moonlight:
The Heartwarming True Story of One Man and his Cat
From the publisher:

PAW PRINTS IN THE MOONLIGHT by Denis O’Connor is the survival story of Toby Jug, a rescued kitten who forms an extraordinary bond with his new owner. O’Connor’s tale chronicles the pair’s quirky adventures, from Toby Jug’s mischievous antics to the life-changing summer camping trip that cements their friendship.

Praise for Paw Prints in the Moonlight:

"Touching... Both a wonderful cat story and a portrait of rural England that will satisfy everyone who is or was a fan of All Creatures Great and Small. His charming book belongs on every cat lover's reading list."
--Margaret and Michael Korda, authors of Cat People

“If you’ve ever had a deep bond with a cat, you must read this book. If you’ve never had a deep bond with a cat, you must read this book. Heartwarming.”
--Carole Nelson Douglas, author of Cat in a White Tie and Tails 

I was sent a free copy of the book, but it in no way influenced my review nor this post.  I did pass the book on to someone I hope will read it and appreciate it.


  1. I downloaded this to kindle when it was on offer. I haven't read it yet, but guess from what you say that it is peculiarly English! I think I shall probably enjoy it, and thanks for the great review :)

  2. good review - I have to admit, I don't know if I could have gotten past the first part either for the same reasons you had....

  3. While I absolutely loved Streetcat Named Bob, I've not heard of this other book so thank you so much for the intro and review! I'll definitely have a gander at this one!!

    Wishing you joy and happiness for the New Year!! Take care


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