Monday, December 3, 2012

Now this just is annoying

Seriously, someone calls THIS research??

Not only did they call it research, but some reporter thought it was news!! arrgh.  Why on earth are stereotypes "news"?  Why oh why do they not consider there are probably more factors in play besides genetics.

Now I will admit there is a lot to genetics for personality.  Siamese cats are talkers, Aabyssinians are known for being very people orientated, Ragdolls are companionable, but I dare you to do an ACTUAL study of cats not just an observational one.

Cats are aloof or affectionate depending on how they were raised.  They learn what to expect from the world in the first 8-12 weeks of their life.  If they were raised in a household that wanted them, loves them, and cherishes them (not to mention the owners love of the breed and possibly the love of the money to be made off of them) than they turn into very affectionate kitties.  If they are out on their own and they learn to rely on themselves and accept that life doesn't include cuddles and attention at their demand, and often they learn that people coming at them can mean very bad things, so they are very wary when it does happen.

For this to be an actual study, you need to put sets of kittens from birth into a home that is going to lavish attention on these kittens from day one.   I can tell you my motley crew of moggies are very affectionate.  Even Eli, who has every right to be 'aloof', demands that we pay attention to him quite regularly now.

All this "study" does is condemn kitties waiting for homes in shelters..

There are some amazingly affectionate, beautiful, playful, cuddly, fun, amazing cats at your local shelter, and I challenge you to rescue your next kitty..


  1. I hate "studies" like that. I was just reading an article in this past weekend's "USA Weekend." It was about adding a pet to your family, and it said that cats require some care but are generally more independent than dogs.

    Um, ok, they've obviously never met our cats. Tucker and Benny are very needy and require attention daily. I tried to find the article on their website but could not.

  2. Not quite sure how to respond to the "research". Doesn't sound well researched.
    Meow-Me gave birth to Coco and Felix at our porch and the kittens knew me from Day 1. I handled them daily, watched them play, played with them. They are now 2 years old but their personalities couldn't be more different. Felix isn't a cuddle cat but will come and flop at my feet. Coco, on the other hand, avoids humans unless there's food. It makes me sad because it makes me feel like I have "failed" her somewhat. Meow-Me is very human friendly so I don't understand what went wrong.

  3. theres one word for foo' humans who do studies like these idiots!

  4. WHAT?! Excuse my French, but this report is TOTAL BS! Case in point: Who is the friendliest cat here? Binga, who was rescued as an 8-week-old kitten from one of Los Angeles' meanest shelters! Who is the LEAST friendly? Boodie, who possibly was a reject from a backyard breeder. Who is the most aloof? Yours truly, a Somali that this report says gets high scores for friendliness. HA!

    Oh, I may have to do a blog post on this. It really has got my fur mussed!

  5. Stupid, just really, really stupid!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. Shelter kitties are the best!! I know you can go to the shelter and get just about any type of kitty you desire. And they all need homes.

    A stupid study indeed!

    xo Catherine

  7. Okay, this is just WRONG. Was it funded by those bird people or something!??!

  8. You can tell this was done by someone who has absolutely ZERO understanding about cats!

  9. Wooow I am very impressed (in ironic way) by this silly article!!


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