Sunday, April 7, 2013


It is Caturday morning.  You are snuggled in bed, all warm and cozy, still sound asleep.  The sunbeams crawl through the window and work their way to your closed eyes to slowly and peacefully arouse you.

Slowly you emerge from unconsciousness   You revel in the warmth and feel so relaxed and happy.  A small part of your brain checks in with the outside world: What day is this? Do we have to get up and get going?  Nope, it is Caturday, there is nothing going on and you are free to float in and out of sleep at your leisure   Is there anything better?  You check in with the rest of your body, and everything is happy and content except your bladder which is once again is being used as a water bed by the kitty.

Not wanting to get up sooner than you have to to make the bladder happy, you roll over and snuggle deeper into the covers, all is right with the world again and you start drifting.

Alas, your brain activity along with your movements have alerted those who adore you that your day has started with out them.  You feel them jump up on the bed and walk along your body.  You hear the purr coming and you smile knowing what is coming is completely motivated by love and completely unavoidable.

You also know you aren't going to like all of it, so you try to snuggle deeper into the covers... but that nose is like a heat seeking missal   He wants attention, he wants to know you love him too.  You feel his cold nose on your cheek.  His purr gets louder as he moves in to lick the tip of your nose - knowing you can not resist that and will soon be giving him all the attention he wants.

You try.  You hope if you ignore it he will think you have gone to sleep and he will stop, but he doesn't stop, he takes another lick, and then another.  He nuzzles you with his cold cold nose, and purrs louder.  He can not contain himself.

All of this activity has called to another.  Soon you have stereo purring.  Don't you feel loved? Yet part of you wishes just a little that they would love you a smidge less so you could sleep some more.

You feel a different tongue lick your cheek.   You move your arm to try to protect your face from the microdermabrasion going on, and now your fingers and elbow are being licked.  The purrs take on a new tone, knowing you have moved and therefor you have lost the battle and soon there will be kisses and pats and headbutting.

You know if you hold out much longer they will call for reinforcements and you will have a third, forth or even a fifth set of purrs to deal with.. Part of you wants to wait for the love fest to show up, but that cold cold nose being shoved in your ear makes you laugh and grab him for a big ol hug..

Is there a better way to start the day?


  1. Nope! Well not for a cat, lol

  2. That's the nice way to be woken up. This morning I had the Thundering Herd of Elephants run across me at 6am. I'll take purrs and a wet nose any day. :)

  3. Our mom agrees with CCL - for some ridiculous reason she does NOT appreciate my 6 AM nip-fest. I don't understand WHY. I purr when I do it. - Faraday

  4. No that is super pawsome!

  5. I love it when they happily dig me out of the covers.

  6. You have painted a lovely and so recognizable picture. Our mom knows exactly what you're talking about. Couldn't ask for a better awakening. Beats an alarm clock to there and back again. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbet and Calista Josette


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