Friday, June 13, 2014

Flashback Friday - the kittens have come a long way

Originally posted 5/10/14

finally we have kittens! The shelter thinks they are three weeks old, I age them a wee bit older, coming up on four.. they are a little hissy, a little independent, and a little hidey..

Boy, girl, boy in DH's arms

being so young, they haven't yet been tested for Felv. They will be tested at the end of the month. No names at this point.. heck I still don't even have a good indicator of their personalities.. The girl just wanted out of there.. the lynx point kitten was pretty sedate and the most hissy.. the seal point (with wee stripes in there too) is going to be the first to realize humans are awesome.  He was also the first one to eat..

Girl and lynx point boy

"Seal Point w/lynx" boy

I am OUT OF HERE! - girl

at this point he has blue eyes.. will he keep them?

More blue eyes.. I hope he keeps them.. 

we like hiding 

Eating wasn't their strong suit at this age.. they figured anything in front of them that smelled good was food, so they started chewing on the bowl - which often young motherless kittens do.. when I transferred it to a plate, it worked a bit better for them, although there was still some chewing of the plate..

Chewing on the bowl

nom nom nom!


  1. They sure have come a long way! And still as adorable!

  2. wow - yep they certainly have come a way

  3. Wow, they really HAVE come a long way!

  4. We had forgotten about the chewing the bowl. They've grown up so much!

  5. Lookit how TINY they were!!!

  6. Wow, look how much they have grown!

  7. Such bundles of cuteness!! Have fun with all those little sweet kitties!
    xo Catherine

  8. I sure miss these 3 and watching their videos. Must be very quiet and empty without them but I bet the crew is happy to have your full attention again. Has Charlotte been adopted yet?


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