Monday, July 27, 2015

Dinosaurs don't eat Pizza, but cats do

We had a visitor his this weekend..

who's feet are these??
it must belong to this lady...
Some of you will get the original reference, some of you won't. Our visitor was my friend Robyn who runs the blog Love and Hisses, also used to run a blog called Dinosaurs Can't eat Pizza which is an absolute riot and I STRONGLY suggest you go when you have some time and start at the beginning.. the comments make the blog that little extra special so don't miss those.

It's me! Robyn!! In a cat shirt!

Robyn has roots in Maine and several years ago I commented that the next time she was in the area she should let me know and we could plan a meet up. Well friendships evolved and the planets aligned and we had plans to meet for a short time before her family get together on Saturday. She brought her mother with her, which was an extra treat.

I asked her if she wouldn't mind being this week's prop for kitten photos and she graciously agreed.

Frasier needs kissin
Every kitten loves a basket, and every person who sees it MUST pick it up.
Robyn, are you encouraging them to wrestle?
wrestle, wrestle, wrestle
Holly needs kissin
Frasier needs a cuddle
Holly apparently loves jewelry 
"must.. have.. " Holly
"I'm so gonna get that!!" Holly
Hey Lady.. 
Hi Mimi
Mimi received a snuggle
and then checked out the bed behind her
Mimi thinks Robyn is pretty
Robyn and Mimi
and yet another cuddle
Angelo is going wonky eyed from all the fun
and Frasier is down for the count.
It was an absolutely lovely visit that was WAY too short. (and apparently Robyn doesn't know how to be a good prop to show off the kittens, but that's okay as I think this was a far more interesting post.) I have a couple of other photos to share on Wednesday, as they make a good wordless post.

And as I said..

Jack wants to know if they aren't going to eat the pizza, if they might want to be his minions.


  1. How fun! My human says if she ever comes to Maine, she wants to be a kitten prop too!

  2. Was Jack able to convince the dinosaurs to become his minions and is he planning on taking over the world with their help? ;)

  3. Robyn made a wonderful prop! What a treat to get to meet her and get to share your batch of fosters with her... not to mention the crew.

  4. A tisket a tasket....kittens in a basket!

    I told Robyn to bring me all those babies!!!

    Hope everyone is having a great time!

  5. YAY!!! You got to meet Miz Robyn!!!

    We totally think those dinosaurs would be good minions for Jack.

  6. Great photos! I love that shirt too!

  7. How nice that Robyn was on the other side of the camera! Now she needs to get home and get her own new set of kittens!

  8. Oh how delightful. Cat ladies make t he best visitors.

    Emma and Buster

  9. Only the best cat props in the world for you, we see! Good thing Robyn brought her cat shirt!

  10. Great kitten and Robyn action shots!

  11. Mum loves Robyn's shirt ! It looks like everyone had great time ! Purrs

  12. Awesome! We loves Miz Robyn too, we think it's awesome that she got a kitten fix during her vacation! And such adorable kittens! They all need kisses!

  13. What a great time was had by all with Robyn's visit. Very cute post!

  14. How nice that Miss Robyn came to visit! The kittens looks like they were having a good time using her as a prop.

  15. What fun to see the mastermind behind Love & Hisses! And I for one sure wish DDEP was still live, it was the best profanity, ever.

  16. How nice you got a visit from your friend Robyn! Looks like everyone had a great time :-)

  17. Mommy is envious of all the little kitty time! Oh, what fun!!


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