Monday, July 20, 2015

Because kittens need #Minions

Mimi and her Minions 
Angelo and his Minions 
Holly says she wants Angelo's Minions
Your Minions fall down on the job
Romeow and his Minions
Holly says these are HER Minions
and don't you dare think about giving them to Frasier 
Frasier and his Minions
Angelo doesn't think Mimi should have any Minions,
she is hard enough to deal with now
My job here is done
Where are my Minions lady!?!?
The kittens are doing well.  Most of them are growing like weeds.

Frasier is going on a bit of a hunger strike, and I can't figure out why. When I returned Katie to the shelter all of the kittens were eating very well. When we had visitors he was feeling a little lighter for his size so we picked up some goat milk for him. He ate that very well and was feeling heavier. Then he started eating canned food again and that came back up. He went back to just the goat milk, but then that started coming back up too and he started losing weight again. I brought him and Romeow into work on Friday and when I got out I brought them to the shelter and had them check him out. He ate some AD for them, but only when it was offered on fingers. That night he ate some more, eating so voraciously the next morning that his brother put his paw on his head in an attempt to slow him down... I thought all was well, but come Saturday night he didn't eat... not even goat milk... I thought I was going to have to take him into the shelter again, but Sunday morning he ate well again. Once again I thought we were out of the woods because he was holding his weight, but Sunday night he was down an ounce and stopped eating again. He will eat if I force it into his mouth, and did lick a few pieces of food off my fingers, but he is acting like he is stuffed. He is active and playing and wrestling... in other words he isn't acting like he is sick, but he feels 'less than' his brothers.

Holly has come around to think I am okay, which is nice. She is still hesitant and unsure of things, but she is willing to give me the benefit of the doubt. Mimi thinks I am the best cat toy ever, and LOVES to play with my fingers if I wiggle them in front of her. She is very gentle and kind, biting every so slightly when she gets her mouth on me, and is very gentle with her claws.

They are all very kind with their claws which is nice. When I go down without socks on they attempt to 'take me down' by wrapping their paws around my legs, but they never use their claws.

The boys are all about two pounds and the girls are smaller, so they will be with me for a few more weeks.


  1. Frasier, you gotta eat boy!

  2. Frasier, you gotta eat boy!

  3. Yes, eat some Frasier please sweetheart.

    BTW, how cute are the photos with minions and kitties.

    Emma and Buster

  4. Those kittens look wholly unimpressed with those Minions! I'm sending purrs to Frasier

  5. Big purrs for Frasier!

    The head peep may be the only one on earth completely unimpressed by the minions. Maybe becuase she's *our* minion?

  6. umm...yes ma'am Holly!!!

    Poor Frasier....we played that game here with kittens and while they aren't eating the high quality canned food, mom at least found something they will eat

  7. Oh what a cute set of photos! I see Frasier is working on his stink eye.

  8. Oh my, those photos are beyond adorable! Mimi is a very good girl to be so gentle when she plays with your fingers :-)

  9. Adorable! Frasier, could you be picky about your foods some other time rather than now? Sending purrs....

  10. You should eat to grow up into a big mancat, Frasier ! Those photos are so cute ! Some of them are more interested in Minions than other... Purrs

  11. Isn't it frustrating when they won't eat? Gah, I know that personally, as I have a picky senior cat! I hope you're right and it is just a trust and growing thing. Babies need their food!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  12. Frasier, if ya want to play with those Minions,ya gotta eat and stay strong!
    It will help you get them away from Holly too ;)
    Please eat.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  13. Those minions need a whapping!

  14. Ok not sure which is cuter the kitten or the minions, and Frasier you need to eat being fussy isn't a good thing

  15. Good job knocking down those minions. Such cuties and how sweet they are good with their claws.

  16. The kitties send their purrs for little Frasier. I certainly hope he starts eating well all the time.

  17. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Darn it, I can't remember the name of readily available cat product. Comes in a tube like toothpaste, brownish gel substance. Put gel on your finger and place into roof of kittens mouth. Provides extra calories and tastes great. Pet stores and vets have it otc. Maybe try it with dear Frasier. Gail

    1. it is called Nutrical, and it works well to put on pounds and I generally refer to it as donuts for kittens, because it is mostly sugar. I tend not to use it with kittens where I don't know what is going on. once he gets straightened out if he needs help I'll look into getting some.


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