Friday, January 22, 2016

Answer Your Cat's Questions Day thanks to Chewycom

Momma? What's in the box?
     Something for you and the other kitties.

All of us?
     Yes, sweetie, all of you.

Could you open it up then?
     Yes, I can.

WILL you open it for us?
     Yes, darlin, I will.

A box of paper??
     Not exactly, there is more in there than that.. not that a box of just paper wouldn't be awesome.

Treats? these smell like cat treats? But why do they say DOG on them?!?!?
Yes, they are treats, and yes they do say dog on them, but their ingredint list is so clean and you like them so much I couldn't resist when offered to send them to us for free as part of their blogger outreach program. Orijen makes really good treats I feel good about feeding to you because they have no plant based ingredients. I get the dog sized ones because you all seem to like chewing up the larger sizes and I don't risk you biting my fingers as I do when I feed you the smaller 'cat' treats. But cat or dog, the ingredient list is the same, and I like that.

Can we have some?
      Yes, you can.

     Yes, I do mind if you help yourself, remember, these are for everyone.

Can Fleurp have one?

Can Muffin have one?

.Can Jack have one?

Can we have more? Can we have them all?
     Yes, you can have more, no, you can't have them all, we are going to save some for later.

Momma, do you know you say that every time? Do realize how many treats for later you actually have? 
     I'm sorry guys. I didn't realize just how many half full bags of treats I did have.

Is Later the name of some other cat, like maybe that one in that room we can't go in?
      No, later is some time after now, like after dinner or tomorrow.

Since it is later, would you like us to eat those and help you empty out that treat cabinet? 
      That is quite generous of you to offer... but I think if I just let you have at it, you would probably make yourselves sick.

Momma, why is this blog post so late?
     Well handsome, it is because you kept sitting on me every time I sat down to blog and your "help" caused the post to be erased several times. I simply could not resist giving you kisses and cuddles instead of blogging... and now that you have wandered off to bug your dad for dinner, I have a chance to get this up.

Thanks to for providing us all with some yummy treats to blog about. The questions were all from The Crew, the answers were all my own.


  1. Cute....and what a good idea with the treats. Are you sure Later isn't in that room though?

  2. Oh, this is awesome! What a fabulous idea to incorporate this review with question day. This is really cute and it's so nice to see everyone's picture!

  3. What a fun take on Answer Your Cat's Questions Day...I love it! And we also have loads of half full treat bags hanging around LOL

  4. I never thought to give dog treats to the cats, but it looks like they like them. Very cute review.

  5. I love those Orijen treats too! My human just gives me the cat ones because a) I take them politely, or at least I don't bite her (like Binga does), and b) I get them for doing tricks and since they are smaller, I can do more tricks without overdoing it on the treats!

  6. I LOVE seeing the Crew!

  7. Looks like you all give the seal of approval for those doggie treats! And we forgot how much Muffin looks like Laila!

  8. I've always given my dogs cat treats, but not the other way around. No idea why, just never thought of it. I'll have to give it a shot. It seems it's much easier to find premium dog treats too!

  9. We love how you included your review in your Answer Your Cat's Question Day post ! Very cute post ! Purrs

  10. Time to cut down on all those half-bags of treats, I think. The best way is to offer them to some well-behaved cats...

  11. What a fun post and all the pictures are adorable. Hugs and nose kisses for all you sweeties from me, Pooh and Chancy

  12. Looks like those treats were super yummy, after all! Bet the box with the paper was pretty good, too. purrs

  13. Well, you certainly did a great job of answering all those questions! And those treats look quite yummy! Purrs from the Zee/Zoey kitties

  14. Wow! A box AND treats!
    You must be very special kitties...

    Noodle and crew

  15. Those treats look yummy. And you all look very cute.


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