Friday, January 8, 2016

Twitter, Fleurp and Bavarian Cat Toys

I was hanging out on Twitter on December 17th when Miss Edie the Pug tweeted out 

So I shared a photo of two of my cats under our Christmas tree a number of years ago

To which Bavarian Cat toys replied: Looks like they're waiting 4 their valerian-filled toys- Recommended by @Catster @ModernCatMag @petsweekly

I'm not one to turn down an opportunity like that, I replied: @ValerianCatToys feel free to send them some, they'd be happy to review them on the blog

and wouldn't you know it, they thought that would be a fabulous idea and asked for my address, and sent me a package of toys.
FDA disclaimer, I recieved the package in exchange for a review. The whole post is my own opinion and experiences.
So a few days later the package arrived. I knew what it was when it showed up because they have their name all over the front of it, which is a very good thing (considering what happened). I had things to take care of when I walked through the door, so I put the mail down on the counter and promptly stopped thinking about it. However, Fleurp thought a great deal about it.

Well, I wasn't in a position to open it up and do a proper review right then, so I threw the entire package in my office so I would have a package to review when I was ready. I then promptly came down with a cold and didn't have the energy to do anything with it.

The other day I sat down with the package and my camera.. I knew this was going to be good, I didn't realize it was going to be this good.

I should probably tell you that Fleurp likes her nip, but my niphead is Eli. He is the one that goes crazy for it. Fleurp likes nip, but I've never seen her react quite like this.

I FINALLY got the package away from Fleurp; thankfully without losing a drop of blood or even a scratch.  Looking inside, I see Bavarian Cat Toys send me two items from their line of products The Welli-Sticks and the Annabelle sack.
Handcrafted in Germany by the Aumueller-Korbwaren family, they feature Bavarian-grown ingredients such as valerian, lavender, and anise. Natural spelt filling gives the toys shape and assures long-lasting quality and fun.

While I took the photos I gave Fleurp back the packaging, because.. well I was a little concerned for my safety; see what I mean that it is a good thing that the package is well labeled?

I was able to open up the bundles safely so I offered one of the Welli-sticks to Fleurp and gave the other to Eli.

Oh no, this is not going to end well.. and it didn't.  As soon as Fleurp saw that Kit was on her beloved paper there was a SERIOUS scuffle. Fortunately, it ended with Kit running away and Fleurp winning, and enjoying the spoils of her victory.

After that, I thought it best to make sure the toys were evenly spread out over the house so we didn't end up with hoarding. I put the sack in the guest room, one stick in the sunroom and another near the fireplace. After some time, Fleurp finally got up off the package again and I immediately put that in the back bathroom where I usually feed her some canned food in order to get her to take her supplements. Every time I have gone in there, I have seen this.

Now this review might seem to be more account the package than the product, but honestly, the photos of Fleurp loving on the scent soaked wrapper should sell this product all on its own. I should warn you, though, if you have multiple cats you are going to want to get more than one product so you don't have hoarding and possession issues!! Available in assorted toys, sacks, cushions and full cat-sized pillows! And you totally should see the Owl, it is freakin adorable.


  1. WOW! Those must be some toys!

  2. Thanks for the great review - I just went and bought some for Cody and Gracie - they love Silvervine, so I'm hoping they'll be equally enamored with Valerian Root.

  3. OMC, if that isn't a glowing endorsement, I don't know what is! Even the packaging is in demand!

  4. We see shopping in our future. That's too funny

  5. Great review- you know the item is going to be a hit when even the package smells so good.

  6. Great review, those looks like pawsome toys ! Purrs

  7. Those must be pawsome toys if they could smell them right through the envelope!

  8. Fleurp! Hoarding! Holy cat! Does Aunt Connie NEVER give you ANY TOYS, EVER??!??! MOL!!

  9. Those definitely look like some toys I need to have.

  10. Now I am wondering if I need to try some valerian toys. . .

  11. Great review! Fleurp sold me. I'm going to get some of these.

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