Monday, November 5, 2018

Onyx's Objects of Affection - naming day #teamOnyx

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Naming kittens is not easy.. Someone suggested that I use gemstone names for Onyx's kittens but I have done that in the past, and I wasn't ready to revisit it. A couple of these names popped up while I was watching Flashdance (MAN Kevin Bacon was young!!), one was a reader suggestion and one came from a clip on the morning news (the entertainment segment). So, without further ado..


Ren is just loving the camera these days. I have been getting some really great videos for my facebook page.


Milo is incredibly laid back. You pick him up and he just hangs out, it is adorable. He is solid black but he has a tinge of gray in some of the photos for some reason.


Kreb has always been the most "vocal" hissing at me whenever I show up to visit them. He is starting to realize I am not a threat but there are still times that he will. The camera is also loving him quite a bit.


Romy had a white locket on her chest and a spot on her belly. She is also pretty laid back and she has a nice pudgy belly that I can't stop kissing.

I attempted to take some holiday shots so I can get some Christmas/Holiday cards out this year. I'd share the outtakes with you, but I have a feeling I'd get virtual rotten eggs thrown at my blog..  I'll probably share them when I announce sign-ups for cards. 


  1. Ren's eyes are very soulful.

  2. That Kreb is gonna keep you on your toes. Great names

  3. They are so cute at this age!

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