Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Onyx and her kittens

Onyx is doing very well. She is still protective of her kitties but she is now starting to think about expanding her territory.  I've been leaving the door open to the kitten room to get some cool air in there (the furnace is off the kitten room so it is a little warmer than the rest of the house) and she has started jumping over the baby gate to explore.

The kittens still aren't eating without assistance. I put food in their mouth and they love it and will then try it out of the bowl, but the next time they don't understand why I put a bowl down *shrug* they will get it eventually.

There has been a bit of goopienss to their eyes but it disappears almost as soon as it pops up.. (I see a little goop, I clean it off, check the eye, it looks fine, no more goop for a day or two) they are still active and happy and gaining weight so I'm not worrying about it yet.  Their stools are soft too, but I'm sure they will firm up once they get dewormed..

Speaking of worms, this isn't one..

click to biggify

I walked into the kitten room and this was right by the entrance.. I have to say I initially thought it was a tapeworm.. Okay, fine, I hoped it was a tapeworm because those are easy enough to deal with. The fact that a garden snake found its way into my house is enough to give me the willies, much like the mouse last year. I have to say that Onyx received a lot of praise for this one..

Onyx's kittens don't venture to the side of the room where the door is, so I know they didn't have anything to do with it, although part of me wonders how the whole series of events went..

Speaking of the kittens..

They are doing well. They are having a little bit of an issue using the box, but they are going on the pee pad that I put down so I am not going to complain. Their personalities are still forming. They still hide when I walk in the room but come out pretty quickly.



  1. I have to say, my human ADORES snakes and if one showed up in the house, it would be in danger of being captured and kept as a pet! Especially since, unlike Onyx, none of us here seem to be able to kill anything, not even a bug.

  2. Onyx, Mom extraordinaire and ferocious huntress :)

  3. Ew, ew, ew! The kittens sure have cute little faces.

  4. ewwwww.....good job Onyx

  5. Kittens are crazy, but not the same crazy!

  6. I would prefer the snake,because humans can get tapeworms. But I respect your opinion. And the kittens are lubly !

    1. Tapes and rounds are both transmittable to humans but it isn't that easy to do, you basically have to ingest kitten poop, so as long as you don't lick your hands after handling waste, you probably aren't going to get it

  7. What cutie-patooties! And we don't mean the snake.

  8. Snakes are better than spiders! Kittens are better than anything.

  9. If I saw that in my house I would be out the door and looking for a new place to live! Forget my stuff!


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