Saturday, September 27, 2003

rain 1.. eli.. 0

Eli must have been out in the catio when the rain started this morning, cause he came in complaining and soaking wet. :) poor kitty.

also took a nice picture of Jack with his new collar..

The kittens are getting quite big. They are so cute now.. probably a week or two left. The metro didn't go over very well, but we forced it in mom.. her stools are still kinda soft, but she seems a lot better.. she doesn't seem so skinny, and her belly doesn't feel so lumpy. it's so hard to not give in and give her wet food when I give it to the kittens.. I try to keep it small. it's even harder not to give wet food to the kittens.. Kittens can be SO demanding..

(update 2016 - I would never not give a cat wet food knowing what I know now about nutrition. Giving a cat who has diarrhea only dry food is a sure fire way to dehydrate them. That is not how you cure diarrhea)

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