Sunday, September 28, 2003

Ok.. now what?

Last night I was scooping the kitten litter and took it outside.. to do so I have to walk right past my own kitties litter boxes. I smelled a fresh poop, so I went to scoop it, and noticed it had several drops of blood on it.. fresh ones.. the poop its self didn't look too bloody.. (aka nice and brown) Did some investigating, and didn't find any signs that anyone had just gone, but Eli did seem a little less rambunctious than he had before. He also felt a little warm. I took his temp, which was normal, but he didn't put up a fight at all over having it taken - which he normally does. But he's eating.. If it wasn't him I could see him being depressed cause he can't go out into his cat house because its raining.. Guess I'll just have to take the poop in to work and see what the doc has to say about it.

(don't you just love some of the topics of my posts?)

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