Monday, September 1, 2003

Aren't they cute?

I have become a glorified jungle gym for the kitties.. :) Ennui likes to sit on my lap and watch the action.. red and Anika like to climb up my back and sit on my shoulders.. and head if they can do it. Red and blue are getting quite mouthy.. they keep biting me. absolutely no means of saying 'no' sinks into them.. the minute I'm done, they are right back to chewing on me.

The scabs on their heads have cleared up nicely.. So it must have just been some rough play instead of ring worm.. thank goodness!!

I brought in a comb cause mom was looking a bit scraggly, and she LOVED being combed. The tail wasn't much fun, but then again it was pretty bad off, so I can understand that.

Mom is still sneezing up a storm.. the kittens are still a little snotty. Will have to give this a couple more days then look into different medications..

I bought a new cat comb at Target. it works really well!! I'm so glad I got it. I was afraid it wouldn't be effective.. its a bit like a flea comb, only the tines are further apart. I was amazed at all the different products they now have for pets.. breath strips.. like the Listerine pocket paks.. but for dogs.. *rolls eyes* a first aid kit for pets, that had nothing unique in it..and a whole line of shampoos and conditioners.. it was worse than going to petco.. at least there you expect a wide variety of totally useless pet products..

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