Saturday, September 20, 2003

and she smells like flea shampoo

Went to the shelter after work to help out with the adoptions. 11 kittens up for adoption today. There wasn't a whole heck of a lot to do, no one really had any questions about kittens - usually not a good sign that they are going to a good home.. unless of course they are like me and there isn't much to ask.. save for what kind of food they have been on. So I helped out back a bit and gave a bath to four very cute kittens.

Last night I separated Butterscotch from the kittens, by leaving them in the cage and letting her have run of the room. She's looking quite haggard, and I figured she could use a breather. I think she was glad. She showed a bit of concern that the kittens were distressed over not being able to get out, but on the whole looked relaxed. I cleaned the room up (a daily chore with them) and left for the night. This morning she left three HUGE piles of poo in the litter box, and they were the consistency and color of warm peanut butter. I brought in a stool sample, and the vet said there was a lot of fat in it, but no worms.. so she gave me a dewormer - which is pretty standard in any cat with stool issues, and some metro. She recommended that I not feed her wet food, and only give dry cat food. Not the best for the kittens, but I can work something out to get them what they need, and keep her from getting to it.

I ordered a new collar for Jack. It came in today. It's purple with pumpkins on it. It's a little darker than it is in the picture, but its cute. I'm going to take a picture of him wearing it and send it in so the woman who made it can put on her website.. now if only I can get Jack to take a nice picture.. You know him.. not too into sitting still.

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