Sunday, September 14, 2003


Saturday I took the kittens in to work with me so hopefully the shelter was coming to pick up or drop off animals, but sadly they weren't. I called up a friend of mine to come and bring them to the shelter.. they needed their first distemper shot and dose of dewormer. Well they sat in their carrier unattended for the hour and a half they were there till I showed up. I gave mom a bath there.. she REEKED of urine.. I have no idea what is going on with her.. hopefully, whatever it is it will clear its self up when she's no longer nursing. The kittens didn't much care that they were in the carrier all day.. they just slept through most of it... probably nursed through the rest of it.

While I was at the shelter I noticed that someone had donated a number of bags of DM food. It was slightly expired, but food is still good after the expiration date.. probably not as fresh tasting, but it's still good. Emmy is on DM, and even with my working for the vet so I get it at cost +5% it's still obnoxiously expensive.. so I asked if they were going to feed it to anyone.. they weren't, so I asked for it and got it. Em has been doing really well on the food.. in just the past few days the improvements seem to have been in leaps and bounds. She's been on it for probably a month or so after the few weeks of transition. Her fur looks nicer. she doesn't seem to have as much dandruff, and she's been a bit more of a pain in general... she must be feeling great :) I just wish she'd lose a little weight.. great big kitty... teeny tiny little feet.. usually stepping on my nice full bladder when I wake up in the AM.

(update: there are far better options for food for diabetics other than DM.)

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