Sunday, September 28, 2003

can we say.. obnoxious.. I knew we could.. :)

These kittens.. I swear.. are the worst set of kittens I've had to date. They are cute.. don't get me wrong.. but O.. M.. C.. what a pain. I had to lock the boys up in the crate to get any cleaning done.. and even then the girls were in my way. One of them had thrown their little pink mouse in the water bowl, so the water was all pink.. not a good sign for a toy if you ask me.. so out it all went.. Mom's stool is once again the consistency of warm peanut butter, but she's looking and acting much better, so I'm not going to worry about it so much. I'm sure once the kittens are gone and she's on a regular scheduled she'll be regular again. If she makes a turn for the worse I'll bring her in to the vets.

So anyway.. Took forever to clean up the room tonight.. when I was done I spent some time cuddling. They are all VERY mouthy, but with a little bit of the me-OW! treatment they stop... except Kodi.. MAN that kitten is obnoxious.. he bit every bit of me he could. my arm. my leg, my fingers, my toes.. and he cares very little about the fact that he's hurting me. I tried to get him to cuddle.. it was quite hard. Finally calmed him down a smidge, and the second I stopped patting him he was right back to biting me. I finally gave up and attempted to leave.. but I was covered in kittens. I tempted them off with toys, got up, shook Kodi off my foot cause he was biting my toe again.. walked toward the door, shook Kodi off my food again, and again.. (yes.. obnoxious) and finally made it out... thankgoodness for that baby gate. If they EVER figure out they can get over it, I'm in big trouble. So I'm sitting out here checking my mail (now obviously blogging) and listening to them kill each other.. I'm thinking one more week and they'll be big enough. Maybe not Ennui.. but hopefully she isn't far behind them.

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