Monday, December 15, 2003

Adoption Day

Saturday was a big success. Fluffinator and Gracie went together, and Shirley went to a household that actually goes to the clinic where I work. When I realized, I really started pushing Shirley.. (they were trying to decide between two kittens). Shirley didn't make real nice with the mom, but did with the dad and the daughter.. the Mom kept saying she didn't like her.. it was cute. She called today to make an appointment, and I asked if she warmed up to her yet, and she had. Settling in nicely. Doesn't have a name yet, they were thinking Izzy. :) The kittens didn't even make it into a cage that day.. too fun. I have pictures, and I'll get them uploaded soon.

Not having kittens in the house is hard. I had a dream the other night.. I signed up with a local radio station who is granting Christmas wishes, and I asked them for a donation to the shelter. I dreamt that they called, and after a long build up, they told me they were going to donate a million dollars. I said to myself this has to be a dream, and it was, cause I woke up. I was so disappointed. I then thought I heard a kitten cry, and my brain said "we haven't fed kittens tonight". so my body was starting to respond to get up and feed them when my brain finished the statement of "cause we don't have any".. I was quite disappointed again.

Looks like this blog is once again going to become about the resident five.. Ollie and Eli are taking turns sleeping under the Christmas tree. Emmy is currently nosing at my leg trying to get attention. Jack has decided his new favorite toy is a peacock feather, and muffin.. well Muffin attacked the sales flyers, found one for a jewelry store, and laid down on it as if to say "Wouldn't I look good in Diamonds?" If your new to this blog, the five dots across the top of this page lead to pages about the resident five..

Ok Ok.. Goodness Em.. I'm coming..

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