Tuesday, December 23, 2003

How to Pill a cat - no.. seriously

I was just looking at my stats, and apparently someone is interested in knowing the best way to pill a cat. I have found that if you put the cat in front of you in a position that if it starts backing up it's going to walk into you.. aka can't get away. Put your hand over its head, so your palm is across its eyes, and wrap your fingers around the upper jaw on one side, and your thumb on the upper jaw bone on the other side. Tilt your cats head up slowly by pulling on the upper jaw bone until the nose is pointing directly at the ceiling. This will cause the kitty to open up its mouth slightly. open it a bit more by pulling gently on the lower jaw between the canine teeth. Quickly slip your thumb slightly into the side of the kitty's mouth, so that there is a bit of the kitty's lip between your thumb and the teeth.. this will keep the mouth from closing before you can do what it is you have to do.

So now you can see down the throat, drop the pill down the back of the throat which should be now parallel to the wall, so when you drop it down, it will go straight down, and as far back in the mouth as possible. Immediately close the kitty's mouth, and hold closed. Be quick, before the tongue can start working it out. If you are successful, by the time you lower the face into the regular position the pill should be gone. If not, massage the neck a bit. that should cause the kitty to swallow. If your kitty is particularly adept at not taking, I would recommend you get a small syringe, and directly after pilling and closing the mouth, squirt a bit of water into the side of the kitty's mouth.

Good luck! :)

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