Friday, December 26, 2003

Emmy Update

Well, starting last Monday I noticed a bit of swelling on Emmy.. on the left side where her lips end. It was tender to her, so I didn't give her the herbs because that is pretty much where I have to grab to open up her mouth. Well by Christmas it wasn't any better, so I took her in to the clinic today. They were talking biopsy.. which scared me silly, but I'm trying to take a whatever happens, happens approach to her health.

Fortunately, when they got a better look it turned out she had a broken tooth and a few bad teeth.. so they put her to sleep, pulled the bad teeth and the root of the broken one, and sent her home. The high blood sugars concerned them, although it was only 265 when they did it.. which is still 2.5 times higher than what it should be, so they tested her urine, and she has a bladder infection. So she's on antibiotics as well, clavamox.

She is doing well.. adjusting nicely to the missing teeth I think. I have found that Emmy is a major drama queen. When I went to go back and visit with her, she'd look all panic-y and would cling to me, and when I walked away she'd howl like a dog baying at the moon.. enough to break anyone's heart, but it was ripping mine out. Cheryl the lead tech said she was fine when I wasn't around.. so she must have been going over the top to get me to take her home. She did enjoy her wet food dinner. I'm afraid to give her dry food for a couple of days.. not quite sure how that will work out with the rest of the clan, they aren't going to sit still for her getting wet and their not. They just don't understand she's been through surgery.

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