Saturday, December 20, 2003

Emmy and the insulin

Ok.. so its been a while since Emmy has switched to PZI insulin. the doctor originally recommended four units. We monitored water consumption, and there was no change, so I did a BG, and her sugars were over 300. So I upped her to five units, and discussed her condition with the herbologist at work. She recommended some herbs.. so I put her on those, much to her dismay, and she's been on those for a while, and I just did a bg on her and it was 357. I started to think that the meter was off since I never got any zeroing agent... but as I was putting away the needle, I stuck myself, so I tested my own blood and it was 106. 100 is normal. so.. it isn't the meter.. its just Emmy is so off keel. it seems that no matter what I do she levels out at 350. The special food didn't help.. the special insulin didn't help, the special herbs didn't help.. arrrgh. Deb (the herbologist) said that I have it easy when it comes to her being diabetic.. and I suppose I do.. the only way I know she's having problems is the fact that I keep testing her... well that and her dandruff..

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