Saturday, December 6, 2003

darn - adopters fell through

The woman who was going to adopt the Fluffinator and Gracie had to back out. *sob* I very much liked the idea of knowing where my little fluffy was going. *sigh* guess I'll just have to let him go like I've let all the others go.. With some kittens its harder than others. But it is definitely time for them to go back.. they are starting to wreak havoc in the room between feedings. Last night it was throwing their dry food all over the floor. I would have left it there for them to eat it if they had a clue what it was for. Well, fluffy knows.. but he's the only one. Fluffy needs a good brushing too, bet he'll love being combed.. he loves being patted, that's for sure.

Emerald is on an herbal medication for her diabetes now. I do think it is helping, but it was having some adverse side effects.. vomiting and diarrhea. so we've split the dose up into two and give one in the AM and one in the PM.. that seems to help, unfortunately, the herb is very bitter and it tends to make her drool. She also has some pretty bad acne. I really need to get on that and get it taken care of. I have no idea why she has it, as she has never had it before, and she's eating out of a ceramic dish.. plastic bowls tend to cause acne.. but em didn't get any till we took the plastic away - cause of muffin. I got some peacock feathers for the kittens to play with. Both Jack and Muffin love them very much. I was certain that they would break the stems immediately, but so far they have held up very well.

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