Friday, January 23, 2004

This is not good.

I went in to feed Alex last night and spent a bit of time with her. On my way out, I shut out the light and started to step over the gate to leave, well Alex got a good look at Ollie and tried to go after him. I tried to shoo her away from the door with my foot figuring it wasn't as bad as it was, and she attacked my foot. I kicked her off my foot and into the room, she lunged back towards the gate, so I tried again to push her back with my foot, again resulting in my being attacked. I tried to use my other foot, and she went after that, which is when I realized that she wasn't going to stop.. so I reached down and scruffed her, which resulted in her being quite pissed... although through it all she seemed very confused as to what was going on.. it was really strange. I locked her in the cage, and she very much wanted to get out and get to Ollie and she was distressed that I locked her up. I don't think it was to hurt him, though, which is the strange part. Although I'm not sure what her motives were.

I survived the ordeal.. only wearing socks, I had a few scrapes and one small bleeding wound on my little toe. it looks better this morning.

Unfortunately, this means she's going to have to remain locked in the cage for the duration of her medication, then go back to the shelter. Normal dosing is 10 days, which would put her going back on Monday. She seems better now, but there is an occasional sneeze.

The resident cats were quite confused by the whole display and were noticeably shaken up by the whole thing.. kinda as if to say what the heck was that, and please tell me that isn't going to happen again.

and so now I have to go in there and feed her this morning. Let's just hope she's all calmed down

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