Saturday, January 31, 2004

Back to normal

I brought Alex back to the shelter a week ago. I should probably check on her and see how she is doing, but so much was going on in my life last week, I didn't have a chance. I'll probably go Monday, or if we go into NH today to go shopping, We might stop by today.

I noticed Eli was sneezing more than he had been, and I had some left over meds from Alex, so I put him on Zithromax for a few days now and things seem to have cleared up for him. His eyes are back to being mostly cleared up, and he's not sneezing as much. However, its a riot to give him the meds, cause its liquid form, and it tastes like cherry. He makes the most disgusting looking face when I give it to him.

Emerald is just about finished her medication, so I should probably bring her back in for her shots and another UA. make sure the infection is gone. Need to do another BG on her as well.. check her insulin levels. She looks a lot better, is acting a bit better, so I think things are on the right track with her.

Jack however has a very small bump/lump on his side over his left shoulder blade. I found it Tuesday morning at 4am when he decided that I needed to pat him, after he saw me get up to go to the bathroom. I figured it was just a scratch or something from fighting, but it isn't going away. Will probably bring him in on Friday to be looked at if its still there, or sooner if it gets bigger.

Muffin has lost her collar. She usually takes it off every couple of months, but it's usually right in the middle of the floor.. but this time I can't find it. I so need to find her something pretty, and girly, but cool and awesome. It's going to be hard. Any recommendations?

Ollie is so funny. He's so standoffish until HE is ready for attention, then gosh darn it you better drop everything you're doing and pay attention to him.. NOW.

Well.. It looks like it's that slow kitten time.. not much more to report but my own kitties till about April or May. Fortunately, the shelter is going to be well stocked for the first couple of rounds of kittens. I raised a good deal of money through Ebay recently, and really haven't had to use it yet. Someone donated a bunch of kitten food - its Iams and kittens don't like Iams from my experience.

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