Friday, January 9, 2004

Peanut and Gonzo

They are now called Treads and Miles.. but they are doing very well and are quite adorable hun?

I have a new foster cat.. she's pregnant. Im hoping she's quite pregnant, but its not looking that way.. If she's close to her due date, then there are fewer kittens, if she has a way to go, she has more.. Im hoping for fewer.. as taking care of more kittens is so much more work. Something I love doing if Im not working, but with work, its so much harder. Oh well.. at least they will have a mom who will do most of the work regardless. at least I hope she will, as she looks VERY young. She is very thin, and her teeth are still quite shiny and new looking. She looks a lot like Charlie, Peanut and Gonzo's mom, she talks a lot like she did too, but this one has one white foot. Its really cute. I still have to come up with a name for her too.

Emmy is doing better. She was vomiting on the clavamox, so the doctor recommended putting her on baytril twice a day for a month.. which is not my idea of a fun time, but as long as the pill hits just right in her throat is isn't much of a problem. She's been feeling a bit better. I had the morning off today.. and I slept in a bit, and the kitties loved it.. I so wish I didn't have to go to work every freakin day.. :)

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