Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Warning - this post will get graphic

Oh what a long long day. When I got home Jack was waiting by the door, then Muffin was on the tree so I hugged her, then I medicated Emerald, and went to sit down, when I did, Jack and Ollie jumped up on my lap. it was nice.

As expected, all five of the kittens she gave birth to last night were dead this morning. Alex looked absolutely horrible, but she didn't want to come out of the cage at all. When I finally pulled her out, her back end was quite a mess and she smelled. I didn't have time to clean her up, but as I was pushing her into the carrier I felt what I assumed was another kitten inside her. I wrapped up the towel she gave birth on and brought the kittens in with her in my kitten carrier. They were very undeveloped. I think the worst part about all this was that they were very much alive when I was in there with her last night, wiggling around and crying out, looking very much fully developed, but I knew they weren't. They were so small and hairless. *sigh* anyway.. the doctor who examined Alex on Saturday was there, and he said he was quite surprised she gave birth as she wasn't that sick, but Alex is fairly young, and she wasn't ready to be a mother yet.

Anyway.. They took an x-ray of Alex, and sure enough, there was a kitten still in her. She was still quite dehydrated, so they left her on fluids this morning and did surgery on her this afternoon. They spayed her as well as taking the other kitten out which had also passed.

So she is, at the very least, spending the night at the clinic.

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