Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Alex update

wow.. can't believe I haven't posted since Friday. Let's see. Alex came home on Saturday.. still quite miserable. I was force feeding her and was able to do it with my finger. It was much faster that way then the syringe. She just slept a good portion of the time and had very little spunk. Sunday morning she licked the food, but didn't eat it. it was like she was hungry, but didn't remember what to do with food. By Sunday night, she had figured it out and was chomping at the special food I had bought her. She ate all but the last bite, which I tried to hand feed her, but she didn't want that. I put some dry kitten food down, and she ate half a bowl of that as well. She's doing well. eating well, still sneezing and still on meds for a while longer.

Saturday night DH and I went out shopping for fabric for some curtains, and I came across a major sale of fleece. The shelter uses fleece to make cat beds out of, so I decided to go back on Sunday and get some. I got around 40$ worth of fabric and got about 15-20 yards. As I was checking out, the manager found out I was getting fabric for the shelter and offered some fabric they were looking to donate - aka get rid of. So I took it. It filled up the back of the pickup truck. A lot of it was very good fabric, some of it was ugly but usable.. some of it is beautiful and unusable in a shelter environment, so I'm going to try to sell it on ebay.. and some of it is ugly and unusable.. not quite sure what I'll do with that.. probably list it on ebay.. ya never know who might have use for some brown and tan and turquoise argyle snakeskin print knit fabric.

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