Sunday, January 11, 2004

the medication is never ending

Emmy is currently still on Baytril for her bladder infection, and now my new mom kitty is also on meds.. she has a URI, and is on Clavamox for that. She's also drooling quite a bit, and so I took her into work on Saturday to figure out why, and the docs think it's because she's nauseous. We also took an x-ray of her to see if labor was soon, it's not. she's got FIVE kittens.. arrgh. She is not eating well at all since Friday.. although I finally got her to take a few licks of food on her own today, which was a big accomplishment. She's got to eat or she'll die, cats can't go without food for more than three days without major problems to their internal organs, so I force fed her yesterday and today. I wish I could share with you the x-ray, it's so cool to see the little bitty skulls

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