Friday, September 2, 2005

More kittens for the not crazy person.

I went to the shelter this past weekend to get more food, and "thrust upon me' were more kittens..

They were loaded with fleas and obviously had no human contact in their short four week lives, as they were major hissers and spitters. It was so funny to watch veteran foster parents shy away from such things, as they were too small to even wrap their mouths around your little finger. But we are trained to be wary of hissing and unhappy cats. In just a few days, I have all but one turned completely around and purring and loving attention. I have two girls - one with shorter hair - and one boy. The longer haired girl, the one not purring yet, seems to have something going on with her urinary tract. The other girl had it too, but it is gone.. so I'm thinking of putting her on clavamox.

Caroline Freya and Ginny are doing well. I put them on doxy for the sneezing, and it was causing Freya to vomit. Except for eye issues with Caroline, I think they are ready to go back (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) I don't have a weekend off in a while, so I won't be able to be there for their adoptions, so I'm going to have to write up little bios on them.. like Ginny is wicked cuddly, as long as she gets to chew on you, and Freya loves to cuddle but easily gets jealous.(you should see her growl at the kittens) and the mess poor caroline has been through and how she still trusts me. I go in their room, and they all jump up on me, get comfy and start purring... How on earth am I supposed to give that up?

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