Thursday, August 10, 2006

Well this is odd.

I just added a new map thingie to the bottom of the page to show where people are visiting my website from. While doing that I visited my current statistics. I like to see what people are searching for. Someone did a search on kitten enema and my site came up (from the time I had to do one ages ago). Sometimes I view the searches that others have done to see where I land, and to see what others have to say on the subject - I have learned some very interesting things that way.

So I viewed the search on kitten enemas, and came across the story of little bit, who had a rectum that was too small to pass stool, and how his owner took extensive measures to save him (and was successful.. with two surgeries to expand the rectum)

I was just starting to think that one of my tailless kittens has a VERY small rectum. I am hoping I am wrong, but this kinda freaks me out. Well not freak as in bad.. just weird.. you know what I mean?

Maybe I'll take him in this weekend for a second opinion.. Or maybe I'll wait till we have an official problem.

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