Tuesday, August 1, 2006

update on the babies

Well, last night when I went in the bathroom where the little gray kittens are, I noticed they were feeling thin and 'scrawny'.. not that they were, but I could tell they were losing something.

Mom is eating, but not all that well. She would go 12 hours without producing anything in the litterbox.

I had to wonder if she was losing her milk. So I broke out the KMR. They ate 5 ccs before giving up. They all had to pee pretty badly too. Not sure if mom is taking care of that at all.

This morning they only took 4ccs before giving up. I left them outside of the box they were in so they could get to mom even if she was across the room..

I came home to a huge pile of poop.. So mom isn't taking care of that. I cleaned it up and gave them some lunch.. only 2 ccs this time.. so they aren't starving...

Tonight when I checked on them, one of them walked off the nest area, and started pooping.. walking and crying and pooping, So I helped it along.. very watery. Someone else had pooped on another one, this one was like toothpaste..

I am very concerned.. I stopped by the shelter after lunch time, and picked up some new food.. stinky stuff.. and some clavamox. Hopefully, this will help.

Two of them are missing tails and a third has swimmers legs.. that he MIGHT be able to control in a few weeks.. once he gets control over his claws.. they all have very odd looking feet too.

Please don't let me loose any of them!!

The older set is going to be altered on Thursday.. I am going to miss them horribly.

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