Thursday, August 24, 2006

Trip to the vet

So I finally broke down and told the foster coordinator my concerns about the kittens...

*eating, but not eating as well as previous fosters at this age
*extremely small anuses and almost no kitten poop in litter box.
*sleeping a LOT. Not lethargic, just sleeping way more than I am used to with kittens at this age.

So she thought they should be seen. Having previously worked at the vet clinic that they were being seen, I knew without some obvious symptom, they weren't going to find anything, and they didn't. But the one good thing about the trip to the vet was that they didn't use the litter box all day, so they had to when they got home.

There are the two with tails, a boy and a girl, and the two without tails, a boy and a girl, names are still very fluid at this point, except Willie, the runt boy with a tail.

Willy has shown me he can produce very normal poop, so I wasn't worried about him.
The girl with a tail went pee, but didn't poop.
The girl without a tail pooped just fine!! YEA!!
and the boy without a tail produced a very thin, VERY yellow and mucus filled poop which is going back to the clinic to be looked at.

Mom also ate up a storm... which is encouraging. It may be that she didn't get breakfast at home, and didn't eat that much in such a strange place, but I'll take my victories where I can get them.

So at this point, it is a wait and see kind of deal. Hopefully, everything will enlarge as they do and things will flow well.

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