Sunday, August 6, 2006

Adoption day

This one was hard on me. The shelter wasn't as busy on a Sunday than it is on Saturday. I should have brought them back then.

Sasha went first. A nice older couple who just lost their cat of 19 years. Indoors, willing to listen to ideas on food.

Sebastian and Suzie Q went next. An elderly woman came in with her kids. She wanted a new cat since hers just died. I'm not as thrilled with this adoption because I think Suzie is going to be too much for her.. but she was insistent that she only wanted one and she only wanted a kitten. Suzie is a sweetheart, but she is a spit fire, and without another kitten to play with, I think she'll overwhelm the woman. I hope I am wrong. One of her children ended up adopting two kittens. Jerico a kitten that was thrown from a car, and Sebastian. They did say they were going to let the cats out, and they said declaw.. they were talked out of both.. (I hope, you never know what people will say when they just want you to stop talking about something) I explained why Sebastian shouldn't be let out.. again, they seemed to understand. *prays*

Sara and Sampson are still left.

The whole crew did exceedingly well there today. I was so certain that they were going to revert to their feral ways. Sampson was very shy and overwhelmed with it all, and spent most of the day shaking. The biggest brute of a kitten, it was odd. Wasn't expecting him to be the baby.

I can't keep them all, and I have to trust in the world to take care of them.. (Only problem with that is that it is the world that created too many kittens in the first place)

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