Saturday, August 5, 2006

A victory and a defeat

Well, I was so worried about the little gray kittens, and today when I went to see them, one of them actually made it into the litter box and left a deposit!! It is so fun to watch them run around.. they are still getting used to their feet, so their front feet and back feet don't always match up.

The littlest boy with the bad legs is still behind, but he was walking so much better yesterday. I am hopeful.

The defeat? Emerald. She vomited this afternoon. She won't eat her dinner. Her bg was almost 400.. she vomited again this evening. I had stopped giving her zantac thinking the thyroid meds were working. Apparently, the zantac was helping. Why on earth is that?!?!?!

I just noticed I didn't give you an update on the vet visit. $300 later, and there is 'nothing' wrong with her. Blood work is fine, fructosamine is fine, xrays were fine. Dr thought maybe just possibly her thyroid needed help, so she's been on thyroid meds for a week now, and she seemed to be holding her own.. but I think it was the zantac I was giving with it that was doing the most good.

The older set was neutered on Thursday, came home Friday morning. Friday night they were into cuddling. Sat morning a little, and tonight they had so much energy they had NO idea what to do with it. There was wrestling, and surprise attacks, and running full tilt around the room. They are going to be soo lonely if they are separated tomorrow. I was thinking I could convince people to take pairs, but that still leaves an odd kitten out since I have five. I KNOW I can't keep them, but I do NOT want to let them go.

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